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Speed, Power, and Quality — VIZIO Delivers Great Home Entertainment

Check out the new innovative features that make VIZIO's Smart TVs the ideal buy for your home entertainment needs.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Sit back and think about your ideal home entertainment experience. It would be full of great streaming content from TV series to movies, organized in a way that’s easy to navigate. It would be powered by a fast, reliable, and lag-free connection. And — we did say ideal — it would have a robust amount of free content options.

If that’s what your wish list looks like, then VIZIO is ready to deliver. VIZIO’s Smart TVs, long known and valued for their accessible pricing, are now loaded with an updated user interface and new features, all designed to maximize the home entertainment experience.


VIZIO has a deep lineup of Smart TVs, with sizes and features that work for any room in the house. You can find the one that best suits your needs here, but before you do, take a tour of some of VIZIO’s innovative features.



You would think all home screens would be designed to put your favorite entertainment options in the most logical and easily found locations. You would be wrong — so many Smart TV and streaming service home screens are overwhelmed by a jumble of images and links you don’t want or need, with the things you do want often hidden and hard to access.


A few months ago, VIZIO rolled out its new UI, VIZIO Home. And just recently, VIZIO released a new software update that makes navigating VIZIO Home faster and more intuitive than ever. The clean design is built with a slender left-side navigation bar, freeing the rest of the screen for a full image of featured content, along with more information and easy-to-find viewing options. Apps are laid out in a newly redesigned catalog tab, showing them in a clear and descriptive grid, and are faster at loading with the new software update.

Among the easily customizable features are a watch list for your favorite shows and movies, and app icons which can be arranged in any order you like. In no time at all you can make VIZIO Home’s layout precisely to your liking, saving yourself from that frustrating ordeal of hunting for your preferred content.


VIZIO WatchFree+

The hardest part of cord-cutting is finding the best collection of channels and entertainment options at the best price. Free-TV options have been available all along, but many of them are notoriously thin on content.


VIZIO’s WatchFree+ brings you over 275 free channels spanning news, sports, movies, local channels, music, and more, but without the need for a subscription or any other fees. All WatchFree+ content, including 275+ Live TV channels and 15,000+ On Demand movies and shows, is instantly accessible.

And WatchFree+ gets bigger seemingly every day. Just this past November, VIZIO announced new deals with Warner Brothers, Paramount, BBC Studios, and Magnolia Pictures, bringing four new great streams of amazing content to your VIZIO Smart TV – for free. There are now over 20 studios and media companies bringing content to WatchFree+, including A24, AMC Networks, Disney, Lionsgate, and more.



Sometimes the best forms of entertainment aren’t shows or movies at all — they’re the pictures and videos of your friends and loved ones. With VIZIOgram, it’s easy to view those straight on your Smart TV. but what about the memories on other people’s phones when they live hundreds or even thousands of miles away?


VIZIOgram pairs your mobile device with your VIZIO Smart TV, allowing you to send photos and videos to not just your own TV, but to the big screens of your friends and family so you can relive your favorite memories on the biggest screen in the house. All they need is a VIZIO Smart TV and the VIZIO Mobile app, where photos and friend requests are sent. Once the invite is accepted, photos and videos are sent with end-to-end encryption so they’re completely private between sender and recipient.

 All of the Above, Now With Wi-Fi 6

Digital technology, no matter how great, is only as good as its connection speed. Those VIZIOgram videos and all the streaming content available on WatchFree+ are made truly great by the dual-band Wi-Fi 6 connectivity available on VIZIO’s Smart TVs. The dual-band connection means your Smart TV has more lanes of access to your router, therefore digital traffic flows faster and more reliably. Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 is a lag-killer that brings your favorite content into your home smoothly and reliably.